This was intended to be a hike of the full loop trail, and hike two of two after Danielle and I did Solstice Canyon. I’m not sure how far we made it, because even though she was tracking on Runkeeper and I was tracking on Fitbit, both let us down and didn’t track much past the parking lot. I think we made it about a mile, but I’m terrible at gauging distance. Whatever we did of it was still a workout, especially being our second hike, so I’m counting it as a Bonus Hike. Being a shorter Bonus Hike, the post for it will be shorter and a little different, too.

The parking lot for Corral Canyon is on the PCH, less than a mile from Solstice (which is on Corral Canyon Road. Go figure.) This made it a great opportunity for a double hike. We lucked out and found a parking spot in the great lot of, like 10 spaces. Now, heads up, parking is $5, which isn’t a big deal, except here its cash only. They have special envelopes, which reminded me of the old days of depositing money in an ATM with an envelope, that you put the money in, tear off a tab for your windshield, and deposit in the Iron Ranger. Kind of like a mail-in ballot. Fortunately the nearby restaurant, Malibu Seafood, let me get cash back after buying some granola that turned out to be pretty good.

We found the trailhead right off the parking lot and, after crossing a small creek (so many creeks!) got on our way. With the trailhead being literally across the road from the beach, there are ocean views practically the entire way. Sadly, that was not enough to keep us from feeling the physical toll that the incline was taking. Now, I can’t be sure how much having already done a hike that day affected the difficulty of this one, but I have a feeling it was quite a bit. We were taking more breaks than usual to calm our breathing, and my hips really started feeling every step, which has happened on occasion in the past, but never on a hike. You might remember that Danielle wasn’t quite feeling 100% that day, but I hadn’t seen it impact her at all until this incline. It finally got to be too much, and she decided she couldn’t finish the hike, especially since we hadn’t even hit the peak yet, and we didn’t know how far we’d gone or how far we were from finishing. She told me she was perfectly fine to go back and wait while I finished on my own, but a) that’s no fun, and b) my hips were hurting more and more, and I didn’t want to do any lasting damage, so I decided it was just not meant to be for that day. Of course downhill is always easier, giving us the illusion that we were feeling better and could maybe finish, but we were smarter than that, and just called it a day.

There isn’t much else to say about this, or very many pictures. I do intend to complete it another time, so I’ll save my flowery turns of phrase for that entry 😉 Let’s go on to lessons of the hike…

What I Learned:

  • Listen to your body (a given, but always a good reminder)
  • Always carry cash
  • Hip. Flexor. Stretches.