So...I'm just gonna go for it.

Adventures of a rookie hiker, and maybe some other stuff.


Don’t let first impressions fool you, this is not a hiking blog. Though my little 60 Hikes project was the inspiration to start one, I knew I didn’t want it to be the only thing I wrote about. (Sidenote: It’s been 1 month, and this is really turning into a hiking blog, haha)

Instead, I hope for this to be a highly personal documentation of my goals and adventures for 2017 (and beyond?). I’m not planning on selling anything, or writing posts aimed at drawing in millions of followers, but rather creating a way to, in essence, follow my own journey, and to allow anyone else who might want to follow the opportunity to do so.

While I will be writing primarily about 60 Hikes, I also plan to include things on the Hollywood 5K I’m doing in April, a half marathon in Long Beach in October, and maybe even group hikes with friends along the way.

I overthink things a lot, often to the point of complicating the simplest things so much I just say “screw it” and forget the whole thing. I’m using this year and these goals as my motivation and reminder to not psych myself out with fears and what-if’s.

So…I’m just gonna go for it.


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